Here Comes Kingsland
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Here Comes KINGSLAND!!

Equestrimen UK are proud to announce that we are working with Kingsland. We are excited to be able to offer this premium brand to our customers, as they have a large unisex selection that fit the male physique very well, and are proving to be popular in all spheres of the equestrian community

Kingsland is a Norwegian brand, which since its creation in 1999, has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equestrian wear and horse gear. Kingsland has a reputation for its subtle blend of classic equestrian fashion and contemporary design.

Lin E. Kingsrød founder and Brand Manager missed something new and better when she was a competitive rider. -Even the breeches missed something, she says. Therefore, she designed her own narrow line and established a storage facility at her house. The design was traditional but the quality and fit was a horseshoe ahead. One of her first products to enter the marked was an all-weather, sporty jacket, that she named Kingsland Bomber Jacket. Though the product has gone through some minor improvements through the years, it is still to be found in the Classic Collection.

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