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Happy Birthday to Us!

So now the dust has settled after a hectic show at Olympia I’ve had time to reflect on the last year with EquestriMen.

I mean who knew setting up a new business would be so hard, but also so very rewarding and the reception we received at Olympia was absolutely amazing! This past year has seen me personally go through lots of ups and downs, but I have to say the highest high has to have been seeing everyone’s look of shock and wonder when they happened upon us in the furthest darkest corner of the Olympia Gallery, doing a double take at the name of our little company and most uttered the following words “is this all Men’s?!” And it was so lovely to meet everyone and chat.

My mind has been buzzing with everything everyone has asked me for, I was going to spend the early part of 2020 looking for more brands, but from comments made at Olympia and on our survey cards I’ve decided to consolidate our current 7 brands and look to add Show Jackets to our offering, I’m also looking at sourcing some long riding boots, but this is proving challenging at present (any suggestions of boots that go upto and over size 12 would be appreciated).

So what’s next for EquestriMen? Well I have to admit I enjoyed the show more than I thought I would, so 2020 should hopefully see us appearing at shows around the country, fingers crossed we get into some of the biggies, but I’ve also got my sights set on some of the national level championships too.

EquestriMen’s Birthday is TODAY (15th January), and this first year has been a steep learning curve, having no experience in retail and nothing but a passion for offering men a choice of clothing, EquestriMen has grown from a few boxes in the spare room through the garage and on the 1st January we moved into our little warehouse. We recently announced our first brand ambassador, Keith Robertson of Elite Performance Dressage and we are working quietly with another popular rider to find a suitable ambassador package to be announced in the spring, with hopefully a 3rd rider joining EquestriMen a little later in the year, so lots of things going on for 2020, I can’t wait to see where we end up.

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